Bootcamp 102

the method: 40/20
Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest in between.
Complete each exercise once, take a 1 minute rest, then repeat the circuit as desired

If you complete 3 rounds then cool down with stretching, it will take you just under 30 minutes to complete.

mountain climbers- get into a plank position, full or forearm, and alternate pulling the knees into the chest. Keep the shoulders strong and don’t let them push too far past your hands!

band reverse fly and lunge- hold a long band out in front of you, gripping close to the center. Step back into a lunge as you separate the hands and perform a reverse fly. Squeeze the shoulder blades together as you go back and tighten the pecs as you release forward

single leg sit to stand- stand in front of a low chair or stool. Lift one leg then slowly lower down into the seat. Speed will vary, just make sure you are as controlled as possible throughout the whole movement. To make this more intense hold a weight!

kneeling tap back- sit on the floor, with your rear on your feet. Engage the glutes and extend the hips. As you do, tap one foot behind you. Alternate the feet. Hold a weight to make this more difficult.

push up/renegade row- get into a plank position. Perform a push up, then alternate pulling the elbows up towards the ceiling.

leg lift crunch- lie on your back and lift your feet up in the air. Perform a crunch, then lower your feet down until they almost touch the ground. Repeat. Hold a weight up towards your feet to make this more intense.

lunging single arm curl and press- grab a weight in one hand and get into a lunge position. Put the other hand out for balance. With the weighted arm, perform a bicep curl immediately followed by a shoulder press. Return to start position and repeat. Complete all reps on one side (20 seconds) before switching arms.

Check out the video below to see each move in action!

Later gator