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Thinking Outside of Aesthetics

One of the biggest challenges as a personal trainer is to turn extrinsic into intrinsic motivation. Most people wait until they are 100% excited to start a fitness regimen; because of a health diagnoses, wanting to lose weight, or they’ve seen someone else get results with a certain program. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, the motivation will eventually run out, (likely before they see any major results.) When it does they’re left holding the bag with an expensive gym membership, non refundable classes, or home equipment that only serves to collect dust or hang coats. Over the years I have found a simple (in theory) solution to this: shift the focus from losing weight to the other, numerous, benefits of working out.

Countless studies have proven that everyone can benefit from exercise. No matter your fitness level (or lack of,) there are modifications and methods that will allow you to safely workout. These studies show that your brain activity increases, your heart and lung function improves, your balance, strength, stamina… seriously the list goes on. Not to mention if you have a history that includes any number of illness or disease, you can bet there’s a study that shows you can improve your quality of life and symptoms with exercise.

All of that being said, I try to encourage my clients to talk to me about how they feel after a workout. Did you have more energy that day? Were you hungry (meaning did you ramp up your metabolism?) Were you able to take the stairs without getting as winded? Were you able to carry in the groceries without feeling like you’re going to pass out? Did you sleep better? These are all things that make life easier to manage, not to mention complaints I hear on a regular basis.

When I can get clients to FEEL a difference, then I know I have created an internal motivation that will last a lifetime. Because yes, “life” happens and has a tendency to get in the way of a consistent schedule. But when you remember how strong, confident, and amazing you felt when you were working out, you will ALWAYS be driven to get back to it.

I had the pleasure of helping a client make that switch recently, and honestly I soared. Not only because I was successful, but because I gave her something that no one can take away. She will always know that she is incredibly strong and capable.

More Energy Please

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August Check In

The self care movement has been going strong for a while. It is something I have often considered weighing in on, but have mostly held back because I understand how self care is important; AND my opinion could be misconstrued as harsh. I think now is the perfect time to address it, as well as fill everyone in on what’s going on in my realm.

First let’s go back and recap August. Some of you know I homeschool my 3 children. I like to start earlier than most schools. It makes sense to me to start lessons early in August when the weather is too hot to do much outside anyway. Then, when spring starts and we are itching to get outside, we are finishing up our year and get to enjoy the season change before it gets too hot. But moving on…

We proceeded on schedule with school, only to find out two days in that we had covid. As soon as my husband and I started to recover, he lost his job. Then the next day we realized my favorite cat (yes I have a favorite don’t judge me,) is missing. It has definitely been blow after blow, and you can hear me talk about it below.

So here it is, Sunday, my ever so important prep day, and I am ready to just move on. I took the weekend to process what is happening in our lives, to really feel the emotions and consider all the implications of it. When I say my brain has been fuzz, I really mean it. This year has been hard on so many people. It’s impossible to NOT feel the burden of so many; to shake off the worry and grief. But these past few weeks have just added to, and made it that much more difficult to keep moving. We have been fortunate. Our faith has brought us through, and God has provided for us in multiple ways. But even so I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with all of this.

I’ll end by referring back to my harsh view on self care. Yes, you should absolutely take time to feel your emotions. Yes, you should make time to exercise, prepare your own food from scratch, soak in a tub, get a manicure, a massage… whatever it is that you need to do to feel human again. But, when you’ve had a little time, you have to dust yourself off and face the day. You can’t keep running, keep hiding in your self care bubble, meditating so that you don’t have to think about the bad stuff… you MUST dig deep and keep on. Because muscling through and being tough and moving on is more satisfying than the best hot stone massage ever. When you prove to yourself that you will not be stopped, that you can succeed, that you can not only survive but enjoy the process, then you have hit the self care jack pot. And sometimes you’re lucky enough to inspire someone else along the way.

I hope you have a great week, and that you stay strong.

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Breaking Down: the Push Up

Push ups are a great way to incorporate full body work into your exercise routine. Not only does it engage all the major muscle groups, but it also causes your stabilizers to fire and your heart rate to increase.

Here I will show you how to properly perform this staple exercise, while getting the max out of your effort and staying safe. These basic principles will transfer to any style of push up, including doing them standing (pushing against a wall.)

How to take Body Measurements

Knowing your numbers can make a huge difference in your regular diet. It can also give you a more clear picture of your overall health.

Here I’ll show you how to take your measurements and talk a little about their use. Scroll down for links to online calculators.

There’s a little math involved, but there are several calculators online that use the same formulas personal trainers use to determine your numbers.

Active has a good one for Body Fat Percentage and BMR here has one for finding your Lean Body Mass here

Online vs In-Person Training

Now that gyms are fully opening back up, you might be wondering if you should return to your usual workout routine. After all, you’ve spent a year “adapting” to being completely at home. Maybe you pulled the trigger on equipment or technology (or both) and you’re thinking you don’t really need the gym setting anymore. You might also be contemplating what you could save by continuing a home routine. Trust me, you’re not the only one.

I sat down and made a pro’s and con’s list. Outside of cost, what would be more beneficial? Check out the video below to hear me discuss each one, and help you consider all the things involved before making your decision.