Full Body Blast 103

This is a full body workout that is challenging, and can be done in under an hour. No joke I did this twice last week and I was sore, in that oh so good I’ve worked hard sort of way. Here’s the breakdown:

Work each exercise for 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest in between. At the end of the last exercise, rest for 1 minute then repeat for round 2, and possibly round 3, depending on your time and desired energy expenditure.

1. glider plank knee in- these can be done with wash clothes or dish towels if you don’t have gliders

2. single arm squat press- switch it up by using unilateral movement

3. curl tray serve- don’t let that torso rock!

4. side plank press out- you’ll want to go lighter on the weights (or none at all) for this whole body move

5. tricep kickback- add a pulse at the end of each rep to make this more intense

6. band renegade row- the band is optional! you can use weights or nothing at all and it will still kick your booty

7. lying IYT’s- pull the naval in and take your time

8. squat with alternating press out- exchange the squat for a wall sit if you haven’t yet reached this level

9. alternating plank jack- tap outs are also acceptable!

10. offset deadlift- regular deadlifts are great too

11. bridge alternating march- keep those hips up

12. mountain climbers- tap those feet instead of hopping to lower the intensity

Follow along with me for round 1 and 2 below!

I’d love to see your fitness tracker results! Comment with your time and calories burned!!!

Lower Body Launch 101

This lower body routine made me seriously work. It was so much fun though, and it got my heart rate up with the jumping jack variations. But I think the best part is that it is time-versatile. (Is that a word? Sure.)

There are 12 exercises that are performed back to back (with a 20 second rest in between.) So you can complete one round in 12 minutes, or add on another 1-2 rounds. It is worth mentioning too that I burned almost 300 calories with 3 rounds, and was done in 45 minutes. (Plus the residual burn of a good weight-lifting session.)

Read through the explanation below, then watch the video to work one full round with me.

method: 40/20
Complete each exercise for 40 seconds, followed by a 20 second rest. Rest for 1 minute (or up to 3) in between rounds. Don’t forget to stretch!


plank walk out with single leg raise– Stand at the end of your mat and place your hands on the floor. Walk your hands out until you are in a plank. Engage the glute and raise one leg, then the other. Return to start.

donkey kick– Get on all fours, making sure your back is neutral and your shoulders are pulled away from your ears. Extend your hip and push your heel towards the ceiling. Work one side for 20 seconds, then the other. Add resistance by wearing a band around the thighs, and/or squeezing a weight behind the knee.

squat hold– Using a neutral squat stance, lower and hold for a 3-4 count. (Everyone squats differently so go as low are high as your knees will allow.)

bridge hold– Get into a starting bridge position: lie on your back with your feet flat. Get into a bridge by engaging the thighs and pushing down on the floor with your heels, shifting your hips up so that they are in line with the top of your knees. Hold this position for the whole work time. Increase intensity by wearing a band around your thighs and/or holding a weight.

offset glider lunge– You can use gliders or wash clothes for this. Place a gilder under each foot. Hold a weight on one side, (or put one hand on your shoulder and the other out,) and perform a reverse lunge. Work each side for 20 seconds through.

Bulgarian split squat– This is like a lunge but with a subtle difference: almost all of the work is done by the front leg. Get into a lunge position, then shift your weight forward until your chest is over your front leg. (You should still be balanced, and finding the right forward shift might take practice.) Using your back leg for balance, bend your front knee. You can increase intensity by propping your back foot up on a step, cushion, etc. and/or hold a weight.

kneeling tap back– Get into starting position by kneeling on the floor, and sitting on your heels. Raise back up to kneeling, squeezing the glute. Extend one hip and tap the foot back behind you. Return to kneeling, then lower down and repeat on the other side. Level up by wearing a band around the thighs, and/or holding a weight.

deadlift– Stand in a neutral position, with feet about hip width apart. Keeping your back straight, shift the hips back, bend the knees, and lower your chest to parallel with the floor. Grab your weight (if using,) and return to standing position.

banded jacks– These are just jumping jacks minus the arms, with the added intensity of wearing a band around the legs. Decrease intensity by tapping one foot out, then back in, alternating sides.

curtsy lunge– Stand in a neutral position, and step back and across like a curtsy. This can be a shallow or deep lunge.

single leg knee in– Lie on your back, with your hands at your side (palms down.) Extend your legs out, holding them just above the floor, if able. Slowly bring one knee into the chest. Return to start then repeat on the other side.

plank jack– Get into a full or forearm plank. Hop the feet out to the sides, then back together. You can decrease intensity by tapping one foot out, then the other.

Bootcamp 102

the method: 40/20
Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest in between.
Complete each exercise once, take a 1 minute rest, then repeat the circuit as desired

If you complete 3 rounds then cool down with stretching, it will take you just under 30 minutes to complete.

mountain climbers- get into a plank position, full or forearm, and alternate pulling the knees into the chest. Keep the shoulders strong and don’t let them push too far past your hands!

band reverse fly and lunge- hold a long band out in front of you, gripping close to the center. Step back into a lunge as you separate the hands and perform a reverse fly. Squeeze the shoulder blades together as you go back and tighten the pecs as you release forward

single leg sit to stand- stand in front of a low chair or stool. Lift one leg then slowly lower down into the seat. Speed will vary, just make sure you are as controlled as possible throughout the whole movement. To make this more intense hold a weight!

kneeling tap back- sit on the floor, with your rear on your feet. Engage the glutes and extend the hips. As you do, tap one foot behind you. Alternate the feet. Hold a weight to make this more difficult.

push up/renegade row- get into a plank position. Perform a push up, then alternate pulling the elbows up towards the ceiling.

leg lift crunch- lie on your back and lift your feet up in the air. Perform a crunch, then lower your feet down until they almost touch the ground. Repeat. Hold a weight up towards your feet to make this more intense.

lunging single arm curl and press- grab a weight in one hand and get into a lunge position. Put the other hand out for balance. With the weighted arm, perform a bicep curl immediately followed by a shoulder press. Return to start position and repeat. Complete all reps on one side (20 seconds) before switching arms.

Check out the video below to see each move in action!

Later gator

Boot Camp 1

As promised!

Here is a quick, full body work out. I did this a few days ago when I had really crashed on my macros and needed to burn some extra calories. Read through for a breakdown. Or you can watch the video and perform one round with me!

The Method:
7 exercises, working each for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second rest.
Run through each exercise one time, making each round 7 minutes long.
Repeat the round up to 3 times, for a quick workout under 30 minutes.

The equipment:
I used just one set of dumbbells and a round band. But you can perform any of these without weights and be just as effective, (think: keep the muscles engaged and be forceful with each movement!). Or grab some water bottles/canned goods/anything small and heavy.

The exercises:
Wide squat- take a wide but manageable stance and squat as low as you can (without pain of course.) Hold a weight or wear a band for more resistance.

3 point tap out- bend the knees slightly and find your balance (hold onto a chair if needed,) then tap one foot out to the front, then side, then back; repeat on the other side. Hold a weight or wear a band for more intensity.

Lunge with squat- this time you’ll be taking a more narrow stance. Lunge (reverse is safest!) then return to starting position and perform a squat. Alternate lunging sides.

Plank walk out (inch worm) with a hop- bend the knees slightly and put your hands on the ground as you “walk” them out to a plank; then hop the feet out wide and back in before “walking” the hands back to standing position. Repeat.

Alternating shoulder press- take a weight (if you have one) in one hand and hold it in a neutral grip at shoulder height, (the other arm should be straight out for stability,) press the weight up then slowly lower down. Work on one side for 20 seconds then switch sides.

Hammer curl with military press- hold a weight in each hand, palms facing forward; curl the weights up to your shoulders; then take your arms out wide (elbows still bent) with palms facing forward; press the weight up to perform a shoulder press. Return to starting position and repeat.

Tricep extension- hold a single weight between both hands and extend your arms overhead; bend your elbows and slowly lower the weight down behind your head, then raise to starting position. Repeat.

Click on the video to see these moves in action!

Cross Train Overload

Make the most of your time by alternating cardio and core work with strength training; giving you a full body, full spectrum workout.

A set of dumbbells and a timer are all you need. Most of these moves will be performed without additional weight. However, you can always add it where appropriate, based on your fitness level. If you don’t have dumbbells grab some canned goods or water bottles!

The Method:
If you have a workout timer, set it for 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest. (If not this format is easily tracked with a basic stopwatch, since you’ll be starting your work at the top of every minute.) Complete each exercise (in the order listed) once, then take a 3 minute rest before running down the list again. You can do 3 rounds in 27 minutes, which makes this perfect for busy days. Or you can add another 1-2 rounds for a deeper muscle burn.

The Exercises:
1. Mountain Climber
This doubles as cardio and an all over muscle burn; but if your form is sloppy they can be tedious and ineffective. From a plank, push your knee towards your chest. Make sure to pull your shoulders away from your ears and keep them strong. Tighten your abs and be purposeful when driving your knees. Faster isn’t always better, so slow it down and make each move count. If you have joint pain you can modify these by using a set of hex dumbbells to ease your wrists, or by stepping your feet instead of hopping towards your chest.

2. Dumbbell Curl & Twist
Start in a hammer curl position, (standing arms at your side, a weight in each hand, and palms facing inward,) then perform a full bicep curl, ending with your palms facing your shoulders.

3. Push Up to Downward Dog
Perform a push up (using any method of your choice,) then from a full plank hinge your hips upwards towards the ceiling into downward dog. Take this portion slowly and let your hips lead the movement. Elbows should be straight but not locked, and try to weight your heels into the floor before returning to starting position.

4. In-Out Squat Hop
Sit back into a squat position and hold. Once you’re stable, hop your feet wide then back to start. If hopping is too much, you can simply step out with each foot. Or you can focus on just holding your squat in good form.

5. Dead Bug
Lying on your back, extend your arms up towards the ceiling and bend your knees. Your calfs should be parallel to the floor. Slowly lower your right arm back and your left leg down to the floor. Return to start and repeat on the other side.

6. Good Morning
Stand with your feet about hip width apart and your arms crossed at your chest. Knees should be straight but not locked. Pull your core muscles inward; think about keeping your belly and low back tight. Keeping a neutral spine, hinge your hips back as your lean forward. When your torso is about parallel to the floor, raise back to standing. Keep this move controlled and slow. Jerking movements could open you up for injury.

7. Plank Jack
From a plank position, hop your feet out then in again. Don’t forget to keep your core strong and your shoulders stable. If you can’t hop, then step one foot out and back in, then repeat on the opposite side.

Quick Core Burnout

This is an excellent way to light up your midsection!

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, then take a 20 second break before moving on to the next exercise. Repeat 2-4 times (depending on your fitness level and time limit.)

As always cap off with stretching!

Mummy Sit Up

Lie down and completely extend your arms and legs. Rise to a seated position with your arms out in front of you. Slowly lower back down. Keep your low back safe: make sure your rear never leaves the ground (no arching your back to assist in sitting up!) and take your time returning to the starting position. If you have trouble completely rising from the floor, start from seated and perform this move in reverse!

Oblique Bear “Crawl”

This move will work your whole body! Start in the bear crawl position: on all fours, hands under shoulders, and knees slightly bent (not touching the ground.) As you release your left hand, push your right foot towards your navel and out. Drop your right hip slightly and raise your left hand. Return to bear crawl and find your balance, then repeat the move on the opposite side. If you want to take things up a notch try doing this while traveling in a forward crawl!

Plank Hold

Wether you prefer the full plank, half plank, or forearm plank, there are a few adjustments that will help you make the most of this static staple. Start by ensuring that your ears, hips, and ankles are all in line: pull your navel towards your spine, push your shoulders away from your ears, and align the neck in a neutral position. Then activate your arm muscles by driving your hands (or elbows) towards the ground. Last squeeze your rear and tighten your hamstrings. Hold for as long as you like! Just remember a little shaking is normal- those muscles are burnin’!

Alternating Crane Plank

This oblique burner works best when starting from a full plank. Once you’re there, release your left foot and pull your knee out towards your left elbow. Try to keep the hip wide: think more of drawing an arc to the outside of your elbow instead of making a straight path underneath and to your chest. Return to plank then repeat on the other side.

Boat Hold+Thigh Burner

This will work your legs along with your abs! Start in a boat hold: feet off the floor, thighs parallel to the ground (as much as possible,) and your arms in front of your chest. Keeping your upper body stationary, separate your knees to a wide position then squeeze back to starting. (like using a Thigh Master- minus the spandex and scrunchie.) Focus on keeping your chest high to really work your abdominals and protect your lower back. Can’t hold a boat pose? No big deal. This can be done with your feet and/or hands on the ground. Place your hands down at your side for stability, and hop your feet out wide with knees still slightly bent.

This sequence works well tacked onto a cardio session. Just start with 20-40 minutes of your preferred cardio method, then do 3 rounds of Quick Core Burnout.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!