It’s ok to say No

Seriously, you don’t have to do it all. Your kids will not remember the mess on the floor. They WILL remember if you were happy and enjoyed life (most days) or if you were always stressed. Trust me, I struggle too. But we can continue to choose joy, choose to focus on what really matters… like food, safety, hygiene, and love, do what we are mentally able, and CHOOSE to not place importance on the rest.

The 10 Minute (Prep) Recipe

This is my absolute go-to recipe for days when I know I have ZERO time to cook. There are a few reasons why I use this one so often:

1. My whole family loves it! Everyone down to my 5 year old will chow down, and even eat the leftovers the next day.
2. It takes hardly any planning. I always have some sort of chicken and potatoes on hand. You can use literally any cut of chicken, and any variety of whole potatoes for this. You could also adjust the “marinade” to whatever you have in the pantry. I keep a bottle of BBQ sauce on the ready for this, but you could use Italian dressing, a packet of ranch mix, or even just some olive oil and your favorite seasonings.
3. It’s too easy. I throw everything in the pot, set it, and forget it. I can literally have it cooking in the time it takes me to drink my first cup of coffee.

Hope this saves you from opting for take out one night!

Let me know how it works, and if you made any adjustments. I’m always open to new seasonings!

Athenian On Demand Sale

It’s my birthday week! So I am offering 25% off my Athenian 8 Week Program On Demand.

The program is delivered completely through my app. Which means you’ll get all the benefits of training with me, with the convenience of a virtual platform.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
– taking progress shots, and the best way to track your progress
– concepts that will help you drive your motivation and results
– lifting with proper form
– progressing basic moves to increase strength

Every two weeks you’ll get 4 new workouts. One Upper Body, one Lower Body, and two Full Body workouts. You can go through those on your own schedule, at any time.

Follow the link here to get started!

25% Off Athenian On Demand

*Sale ends on 24 February

Stay Strong!